What a week

Wow…what a week. Melissa went into the hospital Monday and was there all week. She was finally able to come home Saturday evening. I learned this week, that being a single parent of 4 and trying to work full time sucks. I have a lot of respect for single parents. I can’t imaging having to do that every day, day in and day out. However, she did get to finally come home Saturday and I was able to finish off the week last night on a very high note with a baptism at youth group last night.

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That game was a joke

Another week in the books. Nothing major really to report. Back is slowly starting to feel better. The medications still help but I have a hard time not overdoing it. Another 6″ of snow over the weekend and they’re talking about another 8″ Tuesday.

Got the new Digital DLP projector installed at Church and it looks awesome. Played a gig with RLR today, had a really good crowd show up for the Super Bowl party.

And now, time for bed.

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What a start to the year…..

Man, I just can’t get over how this year has started out. First of all, we had to cancel the Red Letter Road New Years Eve concert because of a death in the family of our drummer. Then, my wife makes 2 trips to the ER. She’s slowly recovering, but at least she is recovering. Then Gabe get’s the flu, then I get the flu, then Rebecca gets the flu. Just as I get over the flu and start to feel normal, I throw my back out. It’s just been one thing after another.

But you know what, the house is warm, we have food on the table, and we’re all slowly getting better. God is good.

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Welcome to 2014!!

Well, as most of you have realized by now, I stopped blogging.  I just can’t keep up with the daily grind.  So this year, I’m going to try something new.  A weekly summarization of the live of Bill.  My goal is Sunday night, after the kids are home from church, and have the Peoria Ham Radio Club Net Checkin.  (For those interested, it’s on 147.075 PL103.5 Sunday nights at 8:30PM)
This week, we’ll have 2 posts.  This one, and one Sunday.  I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and I look forward to what 2014 will bring.



259 Days

Well,  I wish I had better news.  I’ve slacked off on blogging about my progress….and I’ve slacked off on going to the gym a bit.  As some of you know, Starting in October, and continuing until the end of the year, it became very difficult to get out of bed and head to the gym.  Counting calories and watching what I ate didn’t seem to matter as much anymore.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, eating seemed to just feel better than anything else.  Some people struggle with drink, others drugs, my solace, my comfort is found in a nice frozen pizza, a box of mac-n-cheese, or something from a drive-thru.  We each have our addictions, and as I spent a long time working on my weight loss, I had managed mine. 

Now, that that’s out of the way, I can move on to progress.

Since the first of the year, I’ve gotten back into the swing of things.  easing back into my plan and my diet.  I managed to only gain a small amount of weight.  about 8lbs. 

So, I’m down 58lbs.  That averages out to 6.7lbs a month since I started.  This is below my goal of 10lbs a month.  So, it’s time to do something to get my average back up.  So, I’ve dropped another 200 calories from my budget.  1,600 a day doesn’t go very far……BRING ON THE SALADS!!!

Next, I have a goal of 600 calories burned at the gym 5 times a week.  So, 5 days a week my net is under 1,000 calories and the other 2 days I’m under 1,600 (And before you ask, this has been cleared with my doctor).

I don’t know if I’ll hit my goal of 100lbs by May 1st, but I won’t be ashamed.  58lbs so far is great!

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Day…..um…..80ish or something.

I know…I know… I’ve been really bad about updating my blog on my journey.  Things are still going really well.  I’m down 32lbs.  I ran my first 5k.  I’m signed up for my 2nd 5k.  I’m averaging a loss of about 10lbs a month as of right now.  If I can keep up that rate, I’ll be at my goal about 6 months faster than I had planned!!!

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Day 35

Well,  today was a great day.  I took the day off of work just to enjoy a relaxing day at home.  About 3, I decided I should head to the gym.  I did 3 miles in under an hour.  Was very excited about that.  Spent the next half hour with a trainor going over weights. 

After a week or so of laxing on my diet a little bit, and eating some junk food at the Cherry Festival, I was aftraid to get on the scale.  To my wonderful surprise, I’m down 5lbs from my last weigh in. 

Total to date, I’ve lost 27.7 lbs

Caloric input: 1,158

Exercise output: -685

net calories for the day: 473

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Day 34

Day 34.   Well, things are going ok I guess.  I’ve slacked off the past few days.  Between Red Letter Road gigs and everything else that’s gone on (The Cherry Festival) I’ve missed a couple of days at the gym.  I’ve also not eatten the greatest.  Tomorrow we’re back to the strict regiment. 

Bad news, I haven’t lost any weight in about a week.  Good news, I haven’t lost any weight is about a week.

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Day 23

It’s amazing how quickly you get off track.  I was all gung-ho about blogging each and every day.  I miss 1 day and it’s been so hard to get back into the swing of it.

Things are going good.  I really slacked off last week when I was in Omaha.  NO DAVE IT’S NOT YOUR VAULT!!!  But, when I got back, I got on the scale and I was only up 8/10th’s of a pound.  I’m ok with that.

upped my speed again today.  Sooo close to breaking 5k in under an hour.

Caloric input: 1,995

exercise output: 603

net calories for the day: 1,392

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Day 21

I promise I’ll catch you all up on my progress….tomorrow

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