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Watch out for that tree!!

Ok, so many of you know by now but in case you don’t, I was hit by a tree Friday night….Thats right, I was hit by a tree.You see, Friday about 8pm, I was in the jeep with the top off, enjoying a ncie night, my friend luke was riding shotgun, and a tree, about 3 and a half feet in diameter fell and landed on my jeep while I was doing about 45MPH. More than just a little scary. I’m going to do my best to get pictures posted in the next couple of days. Check back about Thursday and you should seem them!!

Me = about 4 branches to the head but ok.
Luke = ok
My jeep = about $3400 damage according to the body shop.

my poor jeep…..

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2004 ICFG Retreat

Well, this past weekend I was at the Rainbow Christian Camp. It was the annual Midwest ICFG retreat.

It was an awesome time. I really connected with God and worked a couple of things out. I’m so glad that I went. There was about 20 people there or so. Which made it even better since it was a nice intimate group of people.

We discussed giving God Our all.

“So, love the Lord your God with all your passion, and prayer, and intelligence, and energy”

Mark 12:30 (The Message)

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The end of the Turkey Festival?

Dateline Tremont Illinois.

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, filed a junction in US District Court today in Chicago Illinois to stop the 2004 Tremont Turkey Festival. Each year in the small town of Tremont, population 3000(est), thousands of people gather the first weekend in June for the Annual Tremont Turkey Festival.

However, this year, things might be a little different. A spokesman for PETA stated: “We cannot sit by and allow this town to celebrate the senseless slaughter of thousands of Turkeys. Things like this must be stopped.”

An undisclosed party from the Turkey Festival COmmittee in Tremont stated: “This is just stupid. These people need a hobby.”

PETA plans to stage a protest in Tremont the week of the Festival if the court doesn’t stop the proceedings. They plan on dressing up as Turkeys with no heads.

“We’ll help tar and feather them if they’d like.” stated Bill Mount. A long time Tremont Turkey Festival attendee.

Last year, the festival goers consumed over 1200 turkeys in a 3 day weekend.

PETF, People for the Ethical Treatment of Fruit, has filed similar lawsuits against Morton and Washington Illinois, homes of the Pumpkin and Cherry Festival.

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Save Marriage!

An Illinois representative, Bill Mitchell, is sponsoring a bill to protect marriage in Illinois.

House speaker, Michael Madiagn, is holding the bill hostage in the House Rules Committee. Please call him (217-782-7996) to urge him to let House Joint Resolution Constituational Amendment 31 out of committee, so it can be passed and put on the November General Election ballot.

You should also call your own state representative and state senator and ask them to sign on to the Illinois Marriage Amendment (HJRCA 31) as co-sponsors. Go here to find numbers for your Senator or Representative.

The proposed resolution changes include the following language:

“Only marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized in Illinois. The uniting of persons of the same sex in a civil union, domestic partnership, or other similar same sex relationship shall not be valid or recognized in Illinois.”

In all likelihood, the bill will NOT get out of committee. Homosexuals have been advocating and agitating aggressively for years, while Christians who probably outnumber them 100 to 1, are silent, and uninvolved in government and media.

Galatians 6:9 (NIV)
“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

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The True Heart of Worship

so, over the past 2 months, I seem to be in conversations involving this topic all the time. Now, when you hear the term worship, most of us have normally thought of Singing. But God has instilled in me time and time and time and time again that Worship isn’t just singing.

so, worship is anything pleasing to God. Anything that honors him. so, we can worship in anything we do. School, work, relaxation. All can be forms of worship to God. As I try to remember that every day, I find that knowing that if I stay in the right mind, everything that I’m doing is a form of worship.

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