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ACLU to sue LA County

Now, the reason is…..The LA County official Seal. Why you ask? Because it has a cross in it. Yes, that’s right, a cross.

In the article I read, it was stating that local officials argue that the cross simply reflects the history of California and LA County. The ACLU says that shouldn’t matter because some of the public find it offensive.

However, I must say, Mike Antonovich, one of the supervisors for LA County was quoted as saying: “Here you have this radical left-wing organization whose own symbol should be the hammer and sickle,” “They are using pressure tactics trying to rewrite history.”

LA’s county seal was designed in 1957 and appears on most official county property: walls, documents, water bottles, uniforms, cars and trucks.

On Friday, the ACLU gave the county two weeks to eliminate the seal.

Two weeks…….how about NO!!!!

At least someone is standing up and saying something about this.

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What happened?

So, last night, I headed over to the York Town mall in Lombard Illinois. I’m up in the Chi-town area for a training class, I got bored, thought I’d hit the stores for some new cloths. I noticed a few things. These things are not good things. In fact, they are horrible.

Apparently, parents of the world have decided not to involve themselves in their children anymore.

Apparently, the cool thing to do if you are a girl between 12 and 18 or so is to dress like your favorite MTV whore. Interesting.

So, Here’s what I’ve noticed and I wanna comment on….

1. What’s the deal with words on cloths. Now, I understand shirts and things with things on them, that’s all fine and dandy. However, what’s the deal with these shirts that have words right across the chest of the shirt? I don’t know how many girls I saw in the 12 to 18 range with words on their shirt like, “tease”, “Slut”, “Juicy”. Juicy? what the crap is up with that? That’s just…..arg!! Then comes the shorts with words right across the butt. Again, the same kind of words show up.

Moving on.

2. Store dummy’s and such. So, as I’m walking thru the mall, I walk past a store, in the store windows, these plastic upper torso’s of women. Now, that all makes sense, gotta model the cloths you know….but…..when and why did they decide to put nipples on them? I’m not gonna focus on this for long, but I mean come one, what’s the freakin deal with that? Who in their warped little world decided that they could sell cloths better of the plastic modeling torso’s had nipples.

3. Shorts and bathingsuites. Ok, so apparently, do go along with the “slut” shirt, girls in the 12 to 18 range have decided that they have to wear ultra short shorts. Now, back in the 80’s, we had the “Daisy Duke” shorts. Nowadays, we have the micro-Daisy Duke” shorts…..with the word slut on the butt of them.

4. The big one…..Girls showing off their underware. Oh yeah….now that’s a fashion statement. The latest craze, showing off your thong. I don’t want to see it. it’s bad enough to see a 14 year old walking down the sidewalk in a mid-rift tank top with no bra, let alone to see her thong sticking up out of her hip hugger jeans. the jeans get lower, the thongs get higher.

5. While we’re on the subject of tops. now we have these very young girls walking around in tank tops and such with no bra’s on. Instead, we have these young girls wearing these new shirts with bra’s built in. But not really bra’s, they are padded and sort of like a maricle bra, So, you have these 12 and 13 and 14 year olds walking around in tank tops, and these tank tops are enhancing and increasing their bust size.

But why? why all of these things? Why does a 14 and 15 year old walk around with a bust that isn’t real. in shorts that cover less than a pair of my socks, and a thong that anyone within 10 yards can see? Is it fashion? no, I don’t by that. Fashion doesn’t dictate what our children ware. Media and pop culture? sure!! Every teenage girl wants to be Brittney. Everyone wants to be like their favorite MTV whore. So again, it’s all circular. MTV show’s Brittney or Christina in some outfit that looks like a kleenex with glitter, the media pushes it, the clothing companys make it, the stores sell it, the kids want it..

And where are the parents? If you are the parent of a 12-18 year old and you let your daughter wear any of these cloths? Shame on you!! Girls all say the want to be respected. They hate guys that treat them like a piece of meat. Well, maybe if you didn’t dress like a street walker, perhaps you’ll get a little more respect.

Me and my friends, give me a girl in a normal pair of jeans, and a normal t-shirt. Not a mid-rift shirt, not a tank top shelf shirt, a normal, everyday, t-shirt. That’s all I want.

Call me old fashion, call me whatever you want. But I’m disgusted by all this.

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