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I’m not dead!

Well,  I swear to you all that I’m not dead. SOOO much has happened lately.

Here’s what’s consuming all of my time.

1.  Planning a wedding.   Yes!! Can you believe it, I’m engaged!!!  Melissa and I are so incredibly excited.  We’ve got sooo much to do.  We’re shooting for August 12th as our wedding date.  We’re not 100% sure yet, but that’s what we’re hoping for.  So, yeah, we’ve got a TON of stuff to figure out before the wedding.

2.  Buying a house.  That’s taking up a lot of time too.  Melissa and I are searching, searching, searching.  Found a couple we like, but nothing that’s got us really excited.  We talked last night to P&W builders and I really don’t think we’re comfortable building right now.

3.  Learning how to be a Dad and preparing to be a husband.  What an incredible experience.  The twins are both calling me dad now.  I get over there after work and they come running down from upstairs going “Dad’s here!”  It’s so amazing.  Melissa and I have more and more conversations and we dig deeper and deeper into ourselves to show each other more.

4.  Everything else.  Work, Gym, Church, CFG, my sanity.  There’s always time for my sanity……

Well, I need to get back to work.  I’m actually sitting in a meeting right now.  I just wanted to let you know that I hadn’t died or fell of the face of the earth or something….


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