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I’m not dead v2.0

You know,
Between Work, School, my 3 kids, and planning my wedding, I honestly completely forgot that I even had a website.  I mean, I check my e-mail everyday, but I somehow forgot that was still alive and kickin.  I owe all of you at least some update as to what’s going on.

1.  My job.  still there, still a job.  It has it’s good days, it has it’s bad days.

2.  Police stuff.  I’m pretty much done with that.  I haven’t officially resigned, but I haven’t done anything since February.

3.  School.  20 more hours done….4.0GPA!! Made the Dean’s list too!

4.  Melissa:  Still is and ever will be God’s amazing gift to me.

5.  Alyssa, Rebecca, Kamryn: My little girls…I love them soooo much.  They’re all calling me dad/daddy now.  Almost makes me cry everytime I hear that.

6.  The Wedding.  Goin crazy!! So much to do in just under 9 weeks.  We’re getting there.  That’s right!!! 9 weeks.  July 15th, 2006.  We’ve got our invitations done and they’re going in the mail this week (sorry everone for the short notice).  We’re going to get our registry and our menu taken care of this week.   Still need to sort out a DJ….

7.  We got a house!!! 117 Northshore in Morton.  We close the 2nd of June and I’ll move in that weekend.

That’s about it.  So yeah, been just a little busy getting all of this done.

Hopefully things will calm down in the near future……


–The management-

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