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Times have changed

Wow.  So much time passes so fast these days.  I feel so bad that I don’t really get on here to update stuff as much as I use to.  I go like 6 months now without an update.

So, to get you all caught up:

1.  Gabe is 6 months old now.  He laughs and smiles and is just a joy to our lives.

2.  I somehow managed to get myself on the Board of Directors for my Homeowners Association.  My political career is taking off.

3.  I’m in a band.  What started as 5 guys doing 1 show for fun has turned into a 2nd job.  2 maybe 3 more shows in the next couple of months.  Check us out!

4.  The kids are back in school now.

5.  We’re all doing great and are pretty healthy

6.  Work sux!

7.  Did another airshow a couple weeks ago in Kansas City, Mo.  I’ll have pictures up soon.

–The Management.

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