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General Update – December 2007

Well, things are going pretty well around here.  Just horribly busy with church Christmas music programs, school music programs etc….

It was kinda sad this year, made me feel old, but my 2 oldest were in the oldest class in the Christmas program and our 5 year old was in her first program this year.  Gabe’s doing great.  9 months old and crawling everywhere.

Me and the wife are doing great.   Dave moved in with us.  I got him a job at Cat and he’s staying with use for a while until he finds a place.  He’s such a huge help around the house.  He helps us with the girls and as I watch him with them, I can tell he’s going to be a great dad when he has kids.

Well, that’s really about it.  I’ve got pictures of the kids with Santa I’m going to try to get uploaded soon.

Peace everyone,
The management.

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