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Our family grows!

Well everyone, now that it’s all said and done, I can provide you with some additional news about your family.  Our family grew on Friday.  After 6 weeks of paperwork, court, and waiting for time to pass, we went to court Friday and the judge granted the adoption request.  My 3 step-daughters are now my daughters!!

It’s been an exciting past few days as things were finalized.  But, now it’s all over.  They’re my daughters, they have my last name.  I’m so happy and so blessed.

On another note, Dave and I have officially announced our bid for President in 2016.   Join our facebook group.  search for Mount 2016 and you’ll find our group.

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Big news coming!!!

Stay tuned folks.  There’s some big news coming soon regarding my family…..

(No, the wife’s not pregnant!!)

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