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Wonder what’s next…

Well, it was nice to have a 3 day weekend, and for once, it felt like a weekend. Nothing really major to speak of this past weekend. Friday night was band practice. Picking up a few new songs for the new year. We’re all looking forward to playing out again…

Saturday was worship team practice in the morning, Rebecca to a Dr. Apt after that, then I convinced my in-laws to keep the girls for a bit longer and the Wife and I went to Flat Top.

Sunday was church, moving some furniture, a movie at Creighton’s, then back to church.

Monday…..Oil changes, lunch with dad and then dinner with dad.

I can’t believe Bear’s tickets are going for $3k on ebay…

I don’t really have much more to say than that. Busy week this week. Tonight is church, tomorrow night is Basket ball practice, Friday night is band practice………

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The double post.

I start off my morning with the thoughts of a 66% increase in state income tax. This state is so retarded. Quinn is a freakin moron, and we’re all idiots for voting these people in….Well not all of us. Once again, the rest of the state of Illinois has to live with the mess Cook county creates for the rest of us.

But, who cares. Nothing I can say or do will make a difference. I could run for Gov. but unless Chicago wants me to be Gov, I won’t be. Dead men tell no tales, but in Cook county, they can still vote.

The above section was action for my blog post yesterday…which I completely forgot about. I wrote it yesterday, with the intention of publishing it…but I guess I forgot.

I also just realized, I have 3 new songs to learn for practice tomorrow night….

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Stress relief…..

So, last night, my daughter Rebecca and I finished working on a project for school. She was to construct an Egyptian burial tomb complete with burial chamber, coffin, sarcophagus, mummy, and all the fix-ins.

Now, I knew about this back at the very end of the year, right before she went on Christmas break. Her and I had talked about ideas and things we wanted to do, but never really had a chance to work on it until after the first of the year. Between moving mom and Christmas and the new years eve concert we just didn’t have time to do anything on the project except shop for supplies.

Well, we finally got it completed last night. The night before it was due. She worked really hard and I’m really hoping she ends up with a good grade. I think I enjoyed working with her on the project a lot more than she enjoyed doing it…because, you’s homework.

But, I tell you that story to tell you this story….once that project was completed, I felt a huge load of stress come off my shoulders….but for some reason, I feel worse now than I did when I still had this whole thing to do…. So, I have to wonder..what’s wrong? Have I become so use to the high stress of my life, namely my job, that I’m actually more anxious and stressed when I have less stress?

I woke up this morning knowing that now the Egypt project is done, it’s going to be a nice relaxing day and after work, I don’t have to rush home to work on this project….but I’m anxious as all get out and can’t focus today.

As some people use extra sleep to build up energy for a big project or big activity, is stress my energy source and motivator? If so, what a sick place to be in…

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9 Months? Really?

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything here in 9 months. That’s crazy…. I could go off on a whole it’s a brand new year I’m gonna blog everyday, but lets face it. I’m not one of those people. Anyone who knows me knows, I’m not a daily blogging kinda guy. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have good intentions, I’d like to blog more…but let’s face it, between work, kids, the wife, the band….there’s just never enought time….

2010 was great…..Let’s see what 2011 holds in store……..

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