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The 11th hour.

So I took the family out to dinner tonight.  Partially to celebrate getting my first paycheck after my raise and promotion, but also as a dead man walking meal.  We went to Avanti’s. It was pretty good. 

I’m about 40 minutes away from my new self-imposed 10:00PM bed time.  The alarm is set for 5:45AM.  I’m hoping to be at the gym, on a machine by 6:15AM.  We’ll see what happens.

I’m going to start posting my blogs, starting tomorrow with my personal views/feelings on the day, followed by:

Caloric input:

exercise output:

Net calories for the day:

Wish me luck.  Tomorrow it all begins!!!

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T-Minus 2 days.

Well, I’m really glad that things didn’t start today.  I was at church today from 7:30AM until 8:30PM today.  Between church, sunday school, a birthday party, and Sunday night youth group, I kinda forgot what my house looks like.

Today was filled with horrible food choices.  Days like today got me into the position that I am now.  But, at the same time, I kind of felt like today was a last meal on death row kind of day. 

I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about all of this.  I’m really hoping that by blogging my experience, it will help keep me accountable. 

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A new journey.

So, I’m just a couple of short days away from the start of a new journey in my life.  Ever since Jr. High, I’ve been a big guy.  As anyone who struggled with weight will tell you, Jr. High and High School can be difficult when you’re my size.  The harsh words of classmates were compounded by the fact that I lost my abaility to ride a lot of rollercoasters.  The over the shoulder bars didn’t fit anymore. 

As I got older, I did get 1 reprieve, I discovered that most of the rollercoasters I couldn’t ride, even if I weighed less, I probably still couldn’t ride because of the depth of my chest cavity. 

Anyway, long story short….Here it goes.

May 1st I start on a quest.  After speaking with my doctor to develop a diet plan, and speaking with a trainer at Gold’s Gym, I will begin a journey to lose….100lbs.  

No pills, no shakes, no weird mantras.  Plain and simple..we’re doing it the hard way.  A hard daily calorie limit, combined with 5 days a week of gym sessions.

I’ve comitted to blogging my journey because I know if at least 1 person is reading this, They’ll hold me accountable to it.  So, today is April 28th.  In just 3 short days, we begin. 

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