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Day 23

It’s amazing how quickly you get off track.  I was all gung-ho about blogging each and every day.  I miss 1 day and it’s been so hard to get back into the swing of it.

Things are going good.  I really slacked off last week when I was in Omaha.  NO DAVE IT’S NOT YOUR VAULT!!!  But, when I got back, I got on the scale and I was only up 8/10th’s of a pound.  I’m ok with that.

upped my speed again today.  Sooo close to breaking 5k in under an hour.

Caloric input: 1,995

exercise output: 603

net calories for the day: 1,392

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Day 21

I promise I’ll catch you all up on my progress….tomorrow

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Day 15

Spent the day in a chair…..learning about powershell.  

Had a nice dinner with Dave and a real nice 2 mile walk.

Caloric input: 1,975

exercise output: -579

net calories for the day: 1,396

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Day 14 – Late

Well, not much to say really.  spent all day Monday in the car, then went and had dinner with Dave, Joni, and Georgia.  But I did make it to the gym before I got on the road.

Caloric input: 1,538

exercise output: -648

net calories for the day: 890

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Day 13

You know what…for begin mother’s day…and all the food and desert that goes along with it, I did really good. 

I’ve been really struggling with not drinking soda on a daily basis.  I found these little 8oz cans of welch’s grape juice.  They’re carbonated, but only have like 60 calories a can.  It’s a nice low calorie/low sodium alternative that fixes my crave for something fizzy every now and then.

Caloric input: 1,757

exercise output: -702

net calories for the day:  1,055

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Day 12

Well,  due to scheduling, worship team practice being in the morning and us having my dad’s birthday party, I didn’t make it to the Gym today.  I think I’ll probably end up going tomorrow to make up for it. 

Caloric input: 1,589

exercise output: -125 (a short walk)

net calories for the day: 1,464

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Day 11 – Late

Caloric Input: 1,595

Exercise output: 0

Net calories for the day: 1,595

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Day 10

Well, today was my Friday.  Tomorrow I’ll be down by St. Louis for the day, then off to Trivia night!!!!

On a side note, I reached my highest speed yet on the treadmill….I actually broke into a full fledged jog.  Granted I only did it for like 2 minutes…I still did it!!!

Caloric input: 1,721

exercise output:  -718

Net calories for the day: 1,003

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Day 9 – Late

When I started this whole plan, 9 days ago, one of the things i told myself i had to do, was sleep more.  So I imposed a strict 10PM bedtime the nights before a workout (except Friday night since I can work out any time I have a free hour on Saturday).  Anyway,  I had a church meeting last night, got home at 9:45, so for my 2 faithful followers, I’m sorry for not blogging last night.  It would have forced me to break my 10PM bedtime.

Anyway, yesterday was good.  I do have to say, I’m getting use to my new routine.  One thing….I’m getting really sick of drinking nothing but water all the time.  I grabbed some subway last night for dinner and really struggled with wanting a soda.  I figured I could get a diet coke and all would be good.  I was strong!! I had iced tea….at which point I re-discovered how wonderful iced tea is.  I think after work I’m going to have to go get one of those iced tea makers.

Caloric input:  2,140

exercise output: -700

Net calories for the day: 1,440

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Day 8

For some reason,  I woke up in a really good mood, and a pretty good day, and then ended the day with a really crappy attitude.  I’m not sure why.  I think the lack of caffeine is starting to play tricks on my mind……….

Caloric input: 1,932

exercise output: -683

Net calories for the day: 1,249

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