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Day 35

Well,  today was a great day.  I took the day off of work just to enjoy a relaxing day at home.  About 3, I decided I should head to the gym.  I did 3 miles in under an hour.  Was very excited about that.  Spent the next half hour with a trainor going over weights. 

After a week or so of laxing on my diet a little bit, and eating some junk food at the Cherry Festival, I was aftraid to get on the scale.  To my wonderful surprise, I’m down 5lbs from my last weigh in. 

Total to date, I’ve lost 27.7 lbs

Caloric input: 1,158

Exercise output: -685

net calories for the day: 473

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Day 34

Day 34.   Well, things are going ok I guess.  I’ve slacked off the past few days.  Between Red Letter Road gigs and everything else that’s gone on (The Cherry Festival) I’ve missed a couple of days at the gym.  I’ve also not eatten the greatest.  Tomorrow we’re back to the strict regiment. 

Bad news, I haven’t lost any weight in about a week.  Good news, I haven’t lost any weight is about a week.

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