Immitations of life

Wow, well there’s really so much yet so little going on in my life.  For me, it’s just more of the same stuff everyday, but then again, I hardly ever update things here so it’s probably all new for you all.

So, my wife and I are doing great.  Married almost 2 years now.  I love it.

My twins are doing awesome.  3rd grade already, I can’t believe it.  They’re into after school activities, e-mailing me while I’m at work, all sorts of fun stuff.

My 5 year old turned 6 today!!  She’s growing up really quick.  She’s doing really well learning to read and count and things.

My son is 11 months old already.  I can’t believe that at all.  It’s amazing watching him grow!

What else……well, the band is still together.  We’re learning more and more songs.  We’ve got a show coming up on the 17th.  We’re looking to play a few more shows this year than we did last year.

As for me, not much.  I’m looking into joining the Morton Fire Department.  Looking forward to some Airshow activities for 2008.  Good stuff.

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